About Us

20+ year career as a private attorney.

Attorney Jeff MilbauerJeff has spent twenty years as a private attorney, handling a wide variety of cases in virtually every courthouse in southwest Ohio. He has represented countless clients in matters such as felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, divorce, dissolution, custody and support cases, probate, employment law, and accident/injury claims. One thing however does not change; at The Milbauer Law firm, every client is treated with dignity and respect. Jeff believes that each client that he represents deserves to be treated the way that he would want his wife or children to be treated should they be in need of legal services. He understands that your time is valuable, and your circumstances unique. That is why Jeff is his willing to meet with you in your home or any other location that is convenient for you, and where you will most feel at ease.

10 years on the bench as a Court Magistrate.

The view from the bench allowed Jeff the opportunity to gain an insider’s view on what a lawyer must do to in order to convince the court that his or her client’s case should prevail. His ten years of experience as a judicial hearing officer allows him the ability to think like a judge and therefore be in the best position to get the result desired by his client when they go to court.

Received his law degree from Ohio State University.

Throughout his legal career Jeff has stayed up to date on all aspects of the law by attending conferences and seminars; meeting and exceeding the continuing legal education requirements for both lawyers and judicial officers. As a Court Magistrate, Jeff organized and produced a daylong seminar for lawyers, magistrates, and judges and also served as an instructor for various legal topics.

Came from humble beginnings in Hamilton, Ohio.

He attended Hamilton Taft High School where he played football, and wrestled. He worked his way through college by operating a slitter at a Hamilton steel processing center. Jeff is invested in his community. He has served on numerous boards and volunteer organizations. Currently he is the treasurer and Board member for the Middletown Convention and Visitors Board, and Past President and Board Member at Temple Beth Sholom. Jeff and Wife Kathy have been married for twenty years, they make their home in Middletown with their teenage son. Jeff also has an adult daughter and is a proud grandfather.