06 Aug

Cheryl’s Story

German_shepherd_jumping1My name is Cheryl and this is my story.

One pleasant summer afternoon, my son and I were walking our Yorkie in our neighborhood as we did almost every day. At that time I was a very physically active mother of three children. I coached soccer and enjoyed jogging. My son and I  were chatting and enjoying our walk. Suddenly, a German Shepherd came charging down the driveway of the home that we were passing. Instinctively, I bent down to pick up my little dog fearing that the German Shepherd was going to attack her. The large dog jumped on me, knocking me to the sidewalk. I fell awkwardly and  immediately felt severe pain in my right leg from my hip to my toes. I screamed out in agony.

A neighbor sitting on her porch across the street called 911. Someone ran to our house and got my husband. An ambulance arrived and I was taken to the emergency room where I was diagnosed as having suffered a tibial plateau fracture. I found out later that this is a fracture in the upper part of the shin bone (tibia) in the lower leg. The plateau is the top of the bone that butts up against the thigh bone of the upper leg (femur) which forms the knee joint. It is a very serious and debilitating injury.

A couple of days later I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor ordered a CT Scan which revealed the seriousness of my injury. He immediately scheduled me for surgery. During the course of the surgery, it was determined that I had suffered two fractures. The fractures were stabilized with a plate and screws. After the operation, I remained hospitalized for three days before being released.

I could not bear any weight on my leg for  three months and was in a brace during that time. I had to participate in physical therapy for three months, and saw my surgeon at least monthly. I was unable to work and the bills mounted up. The metal plate placed in my leg must be surgically removed at some point and my doctor has told me that I will eventually need a total knee replacement. A year after I was injured, I still have pain and stiffness, and am unlikely to ever again be able to participate in the physical activities that were so important to me and my family.

My story, though not happy,  would have had a far worse ending if not for the fact that, several days after I was hurt, I called attorney Jeff Milbauer of the Milbauer Family Law Firm. Jeff got me in to see him right away. He was sympathetic and listened attentively to what happened to me. He assured me that although he could not mend my injured leg, he would work tirelessly to ensure that I was fairly compensated for the pain, suffering, and disability that was caused by the dog owner who negligently allowed his German Shepherd to roam free.

Over the course of the next year, I found out that Mr. Milbauer lived up to his words.  If I needed to see him in the evening or on the weekend he was always willing to accommodate me.  Whenever I called him with questions, and I called often, he always promptly returned by calls.  Jeff was patient with me and answered my questions in plain English.  As creditors hounded me for payment of past due medical bills, Mr. Milbauer contacted them and worked with them to give me time to settle my claim before paying them.

When it came time to settle my case with the insurance company, Mr. Milbauer did his research. He studied my medical records meticulously and conferred with fellow attorneys seeking their opinion as to the value of my case. Most felt that although my loss was in fact substantial, the the insurance company would likely pay me no more than $100,000.00. This is because  the insurance companies know for someone like me,  going to trial can be very expensive and may take a couple of years, all while the bills continue to mount.

I should tell you that my health insurance company paid the hospital, my doctor and other providers over $20,000.00 which I was required to repay to them when I settled my case. Additionally, I owed another $8,000.00 in uninsured medical expenses. That, of course, does not take into account my attorney fees, costs, and expenses for my future surgeries and treatment. Although $100,000.00 sounds like a lot of money, it would not have been sufficient compensation for the expense I incurred, and will incur in the future nor for the great pain and disability I have endured and will endure in coming years.

Mr. Milbauer fought the insurance company tooth and nail. I will never forget when I got the phone call from him saying “Cheryl, I know no amount of money will make up for what you have gone through, but I was able to get the insurance company to pay you $200,000.00.” Nor did he stop there. Jeff negotiated with my insurance company and my creditors and saved me another $8,000.00. He did not have to do that, it did not put any more money in his pocket, he simply did it for me  Thank you Jeff Milbauer for caring so much, and fighting so hard for me and my family.



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