Child Custody

What are the child custody laws in Ohio?

When one parent is awarded sole custody of a child, the other parent is often entitled to visitation rights. Under Ohio law, visitation may be referred to as “parenting time”.

What are the rules and guidelines of visitations?

Visitations are established using a “standard parenting time schedule” determined by each county. This is used as a starting point for courts, who can order their own terms and conditions that vary from the standard schedule.

What about cases of alleged child abuse or domestic violence?

The courts will often restrict abusive parent’s time and visitation rights. The court may order special measures like supervised visitation, designated pick up and drop off points, prohibition of drugs an d alcohol on the abusive parent, and requiring said parents to attend classes and/or counseling.

What does a violation of visitation entail?

Any action that violates or interferes with the custodial parent’s rights or parenting time of the other parent may trigger an action of court contempt against that parent. Such actions are often considered in the best interests of the child, and will be taken into consideration when deciding which parent should be awarded custody in any present or future proceedings.

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