Divorce Law

One way to end a marriage in the state of Ohio is a divorce. Either party in the marriage may file a complaint for a divorce in the domestic relations division of the local common pleas court. If there isn’t a domestic relations division, then the complaint should be filed in the general division of the court. The complaint must allege one or more legal grounds for divorce that said plaintiff will need to prove. Ohio provides several legal grounds for divorce including:

  1. Adultery
  2. Gross Neglect of Duty – this can be construed as a failure to support the other party
  3. Bigamy – either party was already married when they married again
  4. Willful absence of spouse from the shared home for a year before filing for divorce
  5. Extreme Cruelty
  6. Fraudulent Contract – broken promises or misrepresentations made before the marriage
  7. Habitual Drunkenness
  8. Imprisonment of other spouse
  9. Parties have lived for a continuous year without cohabitation
  10. Incompatibility – must be verified by both parties

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