Employment Law

In our country, federal and state laws govern many aspects of the employer-employee relationship. These laws were established long ago to offer workers protections that contribute to their overall well-being while on the job. Even though there are laws in place to protect your rights as an employee, you may still find that you’re involved in a dispute with your employer. This conflict could have an adverse impact on your wages, benefits, long-term career potential, and quality of life. If you’re currently involved in an employment law dispute, you’ll want to reach a resolution as soon as possible. However, you may be too intimidated to speak with your employer or may have tried to discuss the conflict only to receive little to no support. In these instances, we encourage you to consult with Jeff Milbauer.

At The Milbauer Law Firm, we can provide you with representation when facing:

•    Discrimination
•    Sexual Harassment
•    Wrongful Termination
•    Retaliation
•    Overtime and wage disputes
•    Benefits disputes

As an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly by your employer.  If you believe that your employer may have violated the law in its dealings with you, you should contact The Milbauer Law Firm. Jeff Milbauer with his thirty years of legal experience will stand by your side.  He will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your case and provide you with guidance so that you can take measures to resolve your employment dispute. 

Don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights as an employee. Call The Milbauer Law Firm today to see how we can help.

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Milbauer Secures Unemployment Benefits for Wrongfully Discharged Employee.

Recently, Jeff Milbauer won a hearing before the State of Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission resulting in an award of unemployment compensation benefits for a wrongfully discharged nurse. The claimant had been denied benefits on two prior occasions while representing himself. Milbauer was successful at a hearing before a commissioner following the filing of an appeal of the prior adverse rulings. The client was delighted with the outcome, not only because of the substantial financial benefit, but also because he was vindicated of a serious allegation of misconduct.

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