Paternity of a child is determined by several factors. Many of these have nothing to do with biology. Below is a list of determining factors from :

  1. The man presumed to be the natural father
  2. The man marries or is to be married to the child’s mother. The child is born during the marriage, or is born within three hundred days after the termination of a marriage by death, annulment, divorce, or dissolution. This also applies after a separation pursuant a separation agreement
  3. The man and child’s mother attempted marriage before the child’s birth, but it was declared invalid – and either the marriage is invalid without court order and the child is born within three hundred days of termination of cohabitation. The other condition is that the child is born during the marriage before a court declared marriage invalid, or within three hundred days after divorce, annulment, etc
  4. The man files an acknowledgment of paternity
  5. The man is found to be the biological father through genetic testing
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For more information on the Ohio legal definition of paternity, check out the revised code website!